Just a little thank you before I begin for stopping by my website. Hope you're liking what you're seeing. I'm Sarah and hopefully I'll be a big part of your day!

Im currently based in Manchester but I grew up in North Wales but moved up to the wettest city in existence for University in which I studied photography 

So i'm HUGE into my outdoors! Nothing will make me happier than exploring new places and seeing new things. Rain or shine on my free days i'm always out and about usually hiking up a mountain with my puppy - Yes he is adorable we shall get to him - Or off rock climbing, i'm also an aerial artist! Whats that I hear you say?!? My main disciplines are Silks - those dangling curtains and pole! Its amazing and yes you should try it!! Im also going to attempt fire dancing and breathing ( wish me luck) and angle grinding performance classes! I'll let you know how it goes!! In those quieter winter months, i'm usually on the mountain skiing or snowboarding at any chance I get too!!

In everything I do I like to have fun! Im one of those annoying people who always has a smile on their face. I believe that life is too short and we should all enjoy every second we get! Thats why when you look through my portfolio my couple portraits always show the laughter and happiness that is within each couple

I'm a MASSIVE animal lover! And this gorgeous fella  of us is Barney! He is my little real life teddybear of a cockapoo!! And honestly my best friend! I'm sure you'll all hear the many stories of him and the antics he gets up to!!


If you want to laugh till you have a stitch and have the more relaxed chill kinda vibe from your wedding photographer, then  drop me a quick message i'd love to hear from you! 

Sarah xx